About Us

If you are an Independent producer and reading this, you probably already know that unless your name is instantly bankable, it's quite tough and expensive to secure a distribution deal of your film.

EI MEDIA bridges this gap by ensuring that your content reaches audiences and get money in the bank. With our growing experience in global content distribution, we add value to your business by effectively monetising your content. With E I Media, you monetize, your film/Library across the world's largest digital platforms. Our partners include some of India's largest brands and the largest International platforms monetizing Indian content.

E I Media provides a one-point service solution to a number of complicated quality parameters for multiple national and international platforms. Our dedicated team ensures strict quality control and the highest levels of service. We understand digital and the global supply chain issues that are specific to Indian content and challenges in this marketplace. We are a value added company that does more than pure play aggregation by actively creating workflows and systems for the Indian film Industry. We have developed tools that manage, transcode and process content on one end and then further compute and analyze sales data to report the details you need. We manage all of the technical requirements, allowing you to focus on marketing your film and building a relationship with your audience. We are focused on Indian content.

Why Us

We have been there and we believe that independent producers/ creators should have better options than the traditional option to sell their years of hard work for a small up front payment and a vague promise that will most likely result in nothing. You made your movie. You put in the hard work. You should be the one to see it through to the end. You should keep as much of the reward as possible. Plus, we're constantly on the lookout for new platforms to carry your film and create new revenue streams for you. That's why.
Write to us and we will show you what's possible and how different it can be. With us, get your movie out there and selling.

Founder, EI Media

Prashant Sethi is a Mumbai based content producer and digital distributor, specializing in direct to customer distribution. He consults with Media houses, right holders and content creators to develop strategies to source content, maximize distribution, grow audiences, build buzz and create paying communities around each title/ library.

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